Calgary Oil Change Coupons

Oil Change with Seasonal Service Package at Lakeview Automotive Centre (46% Off)

calgary Oil ChangeSeasoned mechanics at a garage that’s been open since 1962 perform oil changes and top-to-tire service-and-inspection packages

Cetus Automotive Repair Centres - Oil Change, Tire Rotation, and Brake Inspection (Pay $39) or $50 Toward Spring Tune-Up (Pay $25)

calgary Oil Change

Cars are like big bad wolves in grandma costumes: it's important to check under the hood before you make any assumptions. Looking to get your puttering ride out of the woods? Pay a visit to Cetus Automotive Repair Centres, where you'll receive an oil change, tire rotation, and brake inspection for $39 (regularly $98). Offering honest service, quick turnarounds, and eco-friendly practices, this factory-authorized repair shop in Vista Heights has kept Cowtown drivers on the road for the past 25 years. Experienced techs will swap your vehicle's old fluids for 4.5 liters of 10W-30 multi-grade motor oil; rotate all four tires for optimal alignment; and make sure your brake system is running smoothly. Or, spend $25 for $50 toward a spring tune-up, which includes a 30-point safety check and is customized based on make, model, and year. Why take advantage of Cetus' trained technicians? The better to cruise Deerfoot Trail, my dear.

Oil Change Coupons

Is your car over due for an oil change? Most auto manufacturer recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles. Search our site for oil change coupons near your city.

Please read the fine prints as some deals might require you to pay for tax or deposal fees. Oil filter is usually included in the deals. If you found oil change coupons you would like to share, please contact us. Thanks for contributing.
Tips for more saving: Check your local newspaper for Oil Change Coupons from Jiffy Lube, Pepboys, Midas, Quick Lube, Valvoline, EZ Lube, Walmart, Sears, Pennzoil, Firestone and other automotive oil change near Calgary. They have locations nationwide and can be found almost everywhere.

Time for Oil Change?

Is it time for an oil change? Don't let your engine run on dirty oil. Increase your mileage with fresh clean oil or use synthetic oil to further boost fuel efficiency. Ask your local Mechanic for more details on the benefits of Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil.

Recycle Used Oil

If you're changing your own oil (DIY), remember to recycle your oil. You can often find auto shops near by that will take your used oil for free. Depending on where you live, your city might allow you to put used oil on the curb for collection.